Polar Starlight #6 now available for free download!

Just go to “Current/Back Issues” and scroll down to the appropriate link.

Polar StarLight #6 (June 2022 issue) contains:

Cover Art by Tracy Shepherd. 16 Poems?by Gregg Chamberlain, Shayne Dahl, Robert Dawson, Greg Fewer, Sandra Hunter, Neile Graham, James Grotkowski, R.K. Persaud, Frances Skene, Jim Smith, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, LisaTimpf, and Gerald L. Truscott.

Polar Borealis Open to Short Story Submissions

Polar Borealis Magazine is open to short story submissions throughout the month of June. The submission window ends Midnight Pacific Daylight Time, June 30, 2022.

Go to “FAQ,” “Pay Rates,” Submission Guidelines,” and “Submission Status” for details.

Note: Polar Borealis is a narrow-niche magazine devoted to promoting nadian authors, so only nadian citizens or residents may submit.

Polar Borealis #21 available for free download

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Polar Borealis #21 contains: Cover Art by M.D. Jackson. Poems by rolyn Clink, Josh Connors, therine Girczyc, it Gordon, Heddy Johannesen, Douglas Shimizu, Frances Skene, and Robert Stevenson. Stories by Geoff Gander, James Grotkowski, Michèle Laframboise, itlin Marceau, Melanie Marttila, Charles Moffat, Derek Nason, and Katie Sweet.

Polar Borealis #20 now available for free download!

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Contains: Cover by Swati Chavda. Poetry by Sean Dowd, Heddy Johannsen, Lynne Sargent, Greg Fewer, Fran Skene, Lee F. Patrick, rla Stein and Tracy Shepherd. Stories by Greg Fewer, Frank Talaber, Robert Runté, Margaret Hanson, Virginia rraway Stark, Don Miasek, Lorina Stephens, and Leslie Beckmann.

Polar Starlight Magazine not currently open to submissions.

POLAR STARLIGHT, a brand-new nadian Speculative Poetry Magazine devoted to publishing and promoting nadian SF&F poets (four issues so far) was open throughout the month of November in 2022 to poetry submissions. The submissions window was closed at the end of November.

Publisher: R. Graeme meron.

Editor: Rhea E. Rose, a well-known and highly respected British Columbia poet.

Polar Starlight features 16 poems in every issue. 89 poems were received. Enough were selected to fill issues #5 & 6. At some point in early 2022 the submissions window for poetry will reopen.

Payment is flat rate of $10 D per poem 60 lines or less.
(And $40 D for cover art).

For more info on type of poems sought, requirements, and how to submit, see “FAQ,” “Submission Guidelines” and “Submission Status” elsewhere on this site. Also check out “Contract” to read my standard contract.

Polar Starlight #3 now available for free download!

Just click on “current/back issues” and scroll? down to Polar Starlight #3 link.

Edited by Rhea Rose, it features a cover by Kari-Ann Anderson and 16 poems by Roxanne Barbour, rolyn Clink, Greg Fewer, LeRoy Gormon, Neile Graham, Mahrie G. Reid, Andrea Schlecht, Douglas Shimizu, Richard Stevenson, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Lisa Timpf, and Changming Yuan.

The next Polar Starlight (Issue #4) is slated for publition in December.